Casting call

Casting call

RekryKainuuLive is opening an opportunity to make a difference.

The Kainuu Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has launched an ESR-funded project RekryKainuuLive – Skilled workforce to Kainuu Region by modern means. The project aims to improve jobseekers job search opportunities and help introduce digital solutions to improve employment by bringing employers and jobseekers together.

The specific objective of our project is to contribute to the promotion of the employment of young people and others at a disadvantage in the labor market. With visual communication, we aim to reflect the more important values of our organization; promoting equality and non-discrimination; and to emphasize the beauty and lifestyle of Kainuu Region.

We are looking for a diverse set for our photo shoot. We do not require previous experience in modeling. However, we hope that you will be able to present yourself naturally in front of the camera.

Photo shooting will take place in Kainuu on March 8th-10th. Spesific locations are Kuhmo, Sotkamo-Kajaani and Ukkohalla-Hyrynsalmi. We will use the pictures on our website, our partners websites and on social media.

Due to COVID-19 we are accepting open applications via email.

To Apply, you may kindly

  • Shoot a video of yourself (cell phone camera quality is enough) or send a portfolio.
  • Tell us about yourself and let us know why you want to collaborate. (tell us your name, age, backround, hobbies and the city or town you live in and any other interesting facts you would like)
  • Please inform us with which dates and times suit you the best.
  • Send the video by e-mail by 1st of March to Include your own contact information in the e-mail. Also attach your portfolio if you have one.

Your information will be handled confidencially. If you have problems uploading the video, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will announce the selected applicants by Wednesday 3rd of March.

Become a volunteer and apply now! Please note that volunteering is unpaid work and free of choice. You will recieve the photos for personal use.

Photographer: Vilja Harala
Director: Kristi Loukusa, project manager

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