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Discover your opportunities, find a job and advance in your career

01 – Update your resume

Increase your chances of being hired and update your resume. In addition to traditional resumes, attract your recruiter’s attention by motion picture to stand out. Bring out your skills, motivation and unique edge to land your next job.

Search for jobs and apply for a position. From vacancy search you will find all the vacancies reported to the TE-services on any device without additional applications.  As a registered TE Office jobseeker you will also receive personal guidance in job seeking and information about the job market.

Tune in to RekryAreena to find out more about the job market in Kainuu.

03 – Develop your professional skills

Do you want to develop your skills, land your dream job, or perhaps learn something completely new?

Kainuu TE Services offers various opportunities to thrive and succeed in your career offering up-to-date information on jobs and training. Find out what training programs meet your needs the best and apply. You may find training programmes in english here.

Job searching made easy

Have you ever applied for a job and notice that the job wasn’t a good fit after all? RekryAreena is a media platform where you can attend live broadcasts and watch recordings to get a realistic view of employers in Kainuu and perhaps even land your next job. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the latest updates on upcoming events and career videos.

Easy living in Kainuu

Are you interested in living in the midst of nature surrounded by a peaceful environment? Imagine an environment that offers the best opportunities for an active and healthy lifestyle. A place that thrives from its unique and diverse culture. In Kainuu, working life and well-being go hand in hand. Learn more about living and lifestyle in Kainuu.

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