Work in Kainuu 2024

Virtual recruiting event 8.1. - 8.2.2024

Work in Kainuu is the largest virtual recruiting event organized in Kainuu area already for the third time. This event provides you an opportunity to explore diverse career opportunities in Kainuu region and connect with employers from different branch of industry that you find most interesting. Virtual platform is open for a month, starting from January 8th, matching job seekers and jobs. Event culminates to live show at February 8th with interesting speakers, performers and presentations of Kainuu’s different towns and employers – also in english!

The event opens at January 8th 2024

Join this event from the comfort of your own laptop, completely free of charge. Create your own job seeker profile on the platform and start finding your perfect job match.

Live show program will be published in December 2023. Stay tuned and follow RekryKainuu also in social media.

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