Work in Kainuu 2024

Virtual recruiting event brings Kainuu to you

Work in Kainuu virtual recruiting event was last organized from Jan 8th to Feb 8th 2024.

Work in Kainuu event presented you a chance to explore diverse career opportunities in Kainuu region and connect with employers from different branch of industry.

The live broadcast on February 8th was the grand finale of the month-long event with interesting speakers, performers and presentations of Kainuu’s different towns and employers – also in English!

Work in Kainuu virtual recruiting event is organized by Kainuu TE-services in co-operation with Kainuu municipalities, Kainuun liitto, Kainuun hyvinvointialue, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Kainuu Vocational School.

Kainuu area is located in the middle of the country. Here you can experience both the southern and northern landscapes of Finland and enjoy the peace and freedom of wilderness and downshift all year round. Kainuu is about easy everyday living, freedom of choice and beautiful views from a hill to another. On the other hand, you are surrounded by modern society and technology and free to pioneer with your business here.

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From Kainuu, you’ll find a northern combination of vitality, peaceful nature, high technology and smooth everyday life. The Kainuu region has quality education, work for skilled people and also new business opportunities to offer.

Kainuu offers you the keys to easy everyday life and there’s space for everyone! Active hobbies and sports clubs for kids and adults, schools and health care services combined with nature around you are the basis of our relaxed life style and quality of life – Kainuu Lifestyle. Everything is near and easy to reach, and this will save you plenty of time. The city of Kajaani has even declared to be on a totally different ”26/7” time zone compared to any bigger cities – with two extra hours per day!

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International info – Kajaani offers guidance and counselling services to all immigrants living in the Kainuu region or moving here.

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